Umek: Responding To Dynamic (1605 Music Therapy)

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Pumping away like a mad millennium rave party with hypnotic beats and transcendental build ups, Umek masters dimensions in sound and technology in a way uniquely his own. Resuscitating the otherwise stagnant glowstick genre, Responding To Dynamic is a head trip, listenable from end to end without any gaps in between. Like any good techno trip, it’s all wobbling basslines and consistently bouncing beats.

The Slovenian dance scene pioneer does seem to be moving in a funkier direction. ‘Slap’ is a great example of how Umek turns an otherwise straight-forward track into a funky floor-shaker. From the sinister drone of “Utopian Societies” to the hypnotic layers of “Uncouth Manners,” from the high-tech tension of “Legitimate Priest” to the filthy crescendo of the title track, Responding To Dynamic is a techno lover’s feast. Just ask DJs Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Carl Cox and Sander Kleinenberg, who have all championed Umek’s tunage, dropping it into their sets.

Listen to:
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Rating: 3 ½

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