Ultra Baggu

People tend to think that anything to do with nature or recycling equals bland. That being kind to the environment is about as exciting as cardboard. In comes Ultra, a sustainable design collective that aim to provide people fun, colourful AND planet friendly products. Their official website contains a blog and an online store that will open mid-August, selling the 1stof Ultra’s products, the Baggu bags. Yea, Baggu might sound like the name of a penguin but it’s the name of a bag.

Use Baggu bags instead of plastic bags and you’ll being doing your part to save the environment, which in turn could slow global warming, which could in turn slow the melting of the polar icecaps, which will keep penguins (and polar bears) happy cause that’s where they live (bears north, pengiuns south).

Using a reusable bag reduces the number of plastic bags in circulation by 300 to 700 a year per person. Baggu’s ingenious design makes for the most functional and stylish eco-bag. They’re extremely lightweight and they come in every colour you can imagine. To quote the people at Baggu “Changing our own shopping habits is one small thing we can do to make a difference. Be good and reuse.” Word.

Meanwhile watch this space. Ultra will be selling more eco-friendly products in the near future. Check out them cute Baggu bags and Ultra’s blog at www.weareultra.com.