Uber Malaysia Wants You to Imagine a World Without Traffic

Titled Boxes | Let’s Unlock Kuala Lumpur, this short film by Uber tackles the everyday issue of every Malaysian; traffic jam. Slightly over a minute long, the video revolves around a city that travels in individual boxes (pretty aggressive individuals at that), while the iconic ‘Bare Necessities’ plays in the background. Not sure if it symbolises the simplicity we should embrace when it comes to transportation – take the new MRT guys! – but in an email announcement from Uber, the car service app asks a couple of major questions to users like, “When was the last time you were stuck in traffic? A few hours ago? Maybe even right now?”

To curb the existing problem we have on the road, Uber shows “a new study has shown that our city’s transportation needs could be met with far fewer cars.” In Kuala Lumpur alone, there are over 5,800,000 cars that take up valuable space in our city, i.e. parking spots, roads, and even vacant public areas that prohibit parking. Uber also reveals the shocking revelation that we would need a carpark the size of nine KLCCs to park all these cars. Yeah, you heard that right.

Learn more about the Unlocking Cities initiative here to learn how you can spend your time on the right things. 

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