TypoCakap with James Edmondson

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James Edmondson enjoys doing two things: typography and sharing his victorious battle against depression when he was a 19 year old virgin. This interesting character is scheduled to play the role of a speaker for Typokaki’s upcoming typography event — who would’ve seen a typography-themed event coming after all that mention of typography? — but why should anyone listen to this guy? For one, he was named as one of Print Magazine’s New Visual Artists three years ago so the dude knows his tools — his writing tools. After the two-hour talk, The Alphabet Press will be conducting a letterpress demonstration as well. There’s also a typography workshop the following day, more details on that event here.

Date Sunday 28 February ’16
Time 2pm
Venue The Alphabet Press
Tickets RM35 (Professional) + RM20 (Student with valid student ID)

More information on the event here.

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