Two Can Play At That Game: Unfaithful Wife Accuses Husband Of Cheating, Son Not Biologically Related

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Source: Apple Daily

Here’s an interesting Uno Reverse moment for you; this Chinese couple’s infidelity is surely one for the books.

The other woman

Fan Zhen Yu and his wife live in Shaoxing in the Zhejiang Province in China with their 3-year-old son. It’s a picture perfect family, really. But some truths were uncovered under their roof.

Not too long ago, the wife posted on Weibo about her husband’s cheating habits when he hadn’t been home for two weeks. It was revealed that he had been cheating on his wife with his fitness trainer.

The wife then gathered her friends and family to the fitness trainer’s house as a means to expose them and caught the two of them red handed. The trainer claims to not have known that he was married.

I know, men are trash. 

But Fan played a card that he’d been holding for too long and defensively took a stand to her attempts in shaming him for his adultery.

Plot twist

Fan rebuts at his wife and reveals that she had been cheating on him too.

Apparently, Fan’s wife had been having an affair long before Fan started his own. Some netizens commented that Fan’s affair was a revenge plan against his wife.

She had made a huge fuss and accused her husband of cheating, when she was the first one to betray their marriage!

Talk about toxic..

Source: Apple Daily

The cherry on top

Fan’s wife then took to Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform, to air out her grievances. She specifically addressed the post to her son.

“Today your father Fan Zhenyu said you are not his son. It’s a blow to your mother and grandmother. Seeing you crying for us makes me feel distressed as I’m unable to protect you.”

She promised to protect her child and her parents from the issue, stating it was her duty as a mother.

“Together, we’ll use the law to protect ourselves. No woman likes to be strong, we are all forced to be,” she wrote.

Netizens were moved by this and vouched for her. It was later found out that, in fact, their son had no relation to Fan.

The husband himself included a statement admitting to this and posted a DNA paternity test report as proof.

“This feeling cannot be expressed in words. Ten thousand words have been omitted here…” wrote Fan. “This is equivalent to raising a son not biologically your own for three years.”

Fan also called his wife out on her story, saying she was just using it to gain sympathy. “I was really blind,” he said. “Even TV shows aren’t like this.”

Source: Apply Daily

I’m all for some good tea, but this was way too much to handle. The real victim here is the 3-year-old who now has more than enough childhood trauma to deal with.

Should we start a gofundme for their couples therapy, or would you rather see them get divorced?

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