Two Bullets

Surprise, surprise, the notorious Liam Gallagher has made the press yet again but no, not for drugs or standard explicit behaviour (that was last week). Liam’s bodyguard who is also Managing Director of his clothing label (Pretty Green) and film companies (Savile Row Films and In 1 Productions) has been accused of making death threats. Following his recent arrest, it was learnt that Steve Allen actually sent bullets to two different people… Cue the theme to The Godfather, already!

Supposedly the threats were made just after Sam Berry and Claire Humphries were due to testify against Steve in a civil case involving their co-owned company, Risks Contained (oh the irony). With the bullets were also the words ‘Drop the case, or the next case will be yours’. Steve also happens to be the bodyguard who stood by the ex-Oasis, Beady Eye-frontman when he lost his teeth during a brawl in 2002. Partners in crime perhaps?

So, it’s judgment day. Could this be used as a plot in the next Guy Ritchie movie? Will Noel play the guy who beat up Liam? Do you reckon Liam is the next Godfather? Or is this all media hype? Quoted by the man himself, “There’s no rules. Show me the rule book”.

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