This Twitter User Found A Cockroach In Her Caramel Latte- Here’s What Happened Next

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Twitter user Nurin (@n3wryn) experienced the fright of a lifetime when she gnawed on a cockroach whilst sipping a salted caramel latte from Zus Coffee.

She was offered complimentary free-flow meals for a week as settlement after making a complaint to Zus Coffee. Nurin did not believe the reimbursement was adequate.

The company called Nurin and offered to refund the cost of the beverage (RM10.50) as well as cover her medical expenses if she became unwell as a result.

The corporation also granted her an unspecified sum as compensation, which she believes was insufficient to console her for the trauma of ingesting a cockroach.

Therefore, Zus Coffee requested that she declare the amount of monetary compensation she was seeking in order to achieve a fair accord.

Nurin was directly contacted by the general manager of Zus Coffee, Venon Tian, who offered her free meals for a month that would be sent to her personally.

Nurin refused, and went on to say that she intended to file a report with the Health Ministry. She also warned others to be cautious when ordering meals from other restaurants.

Some netizens suggested that Zus Coffee repay Nurin RM50k to offset the expenditures, while others cautioned her not to accept the free food in case there were more insects in it.

Another netizen, however, pointed out that companies cannot simply recompense a large sum in the event that irresponsible people attempt to abuse other enterprises.

Nurin was also encouraged by internet users to seek legal advice, offering help and sharing personal experiences, but she declined, claiming that doing so would exacerbate the situation.

When Nurin approached the personnel, they confirmed that there were baby cockroaches in the outlet, despite the fact that they conducted monthly pest control. They were taken aback when they discovered the insect in the beverage.

Zus Coffee eventually responded to the matter claiming that they had negotiated a settlement on remuneration that Nurin was satisfied with, but the specifics were not disclosed.

They informed her that pest control procedures would be arranged at a more frequent basis in each of their branches, and that the company would ensure that thorough cleaning and disinfection becomes a common practice at each of their branches following this.

Managers of other retail outlets were also advised to focus on hygiene and cleanliness, with this case serving as a somewhat disturbing reminder of their responsibilities towards public health and hygiene.

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