TV On The Radio: Dear Science (4AD)

Rejoice! For Brooklyn’s TV On The Radio has managed to accomplished what many bands can only dream of: to create an album that captures the musical essences of past, present and future. This is NOT an overstatement. Guitars wail, brasses blaze and handclaps abound within this masterpiece that levels genres like a nuclear-powered 4WD. Lines are blurred between funk through to post-punk, doo-wop to shoegaze and free-jazz, and Afrobeats and techno-synths add to the euphoria while maintaining a thriving bassline. Dear Science as the name suggests, brilliantly fuses pop aspirations with technical aesthetics to compelling effect. As an interracial band, TVOTR’s lyrical vision is metaphorically bleak and uplifting at the same time. With so many things going on, you might be doubtful, and sure this is NOT easy-listening. But then again, God-like greatness is often appreciated by the select few. BL