Turn it Up! Merdeka Eve 2008 @ Raw

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Text Ben Liew
Image Hussein for Picturebox

As the nation was getting into the mood of Merdeka, things were already kicking up at Raw in Soho. Turn It Up! Merdeka Eve 2008 brought party people of all colours together for a night of dancefloor madness. The club’s décor had been given a facelift; tables and chairs were cleared to make way for more boogie space and a giant spiky balloon hung like a discoball from the ceiling.

The event started early as DJ Cmaster, who beat out 24 other entrants to win CapitalFM’s DJ Competition held earlier, warmed up eager clubbers and continued to pump the music past midnight. When the moment of truth came, DJ Gabriel led the crowd in a countdown to freedom.

The packed house was practically lifted off its hinges as DJs Joey G and Gabriel paired up and took over the decks around half past midnight in a back-to-back set switch up. Thoroughly roused, the duo received loads of encouragement from the floor, not to mention DJ Cmaster, who trotted up to the deck to join his fellow spinsters. A surprise live element was thrown in when crazy percussionist, Rav and the soulful Poova, who provided some awesome vocals, were also thrown in the mix.

Though the party ended around 3 in the morning, the crowd was still restless. For those who can’t wait for the next Tune It Up party, there’s always the radio and whatever location you happen to be at to throw the next one.

It all went down on Saturday 30 August at Raw at Solaris Hartamas with the support of Heineken, Samsung, Adidas, Cool Merchant and JUICE. Tune in to Capital FM 88.9 every Monday to Friday from 10pm-1am for more cool beats from DJs Gabriel and Joey G.