Tune Talk Hosts Incubus Press Conference

Incubus has officially descended on Malaysian soil! The band arrived safely from California to prepare themselves for their big concert at Stadium Negara this coming Saturday. They caught up with the local media on 21 July for a press conference as well as meeting their contest winners and the opening band for their show.

Held at Double Tree by Hilton KL, the press conference was hosted by Fly FM DJ Prem who hyped up the audience with his witty commentaries. The CEO of Tune Talk Sdn Bhd Mr Jason Lo soon entered the room and gave a short welcoming speech, thanking those who attended the press conference. The band entered soon after, gaining cheers and applause from the audience. Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, Jose Passilas, Ben Kenney and Chris Kilmore appeared to be visibly jetlagged from their 24-hour long flight, but they were smiling and patient throughout the Q&A sessions and photo opportunities.

In conjunction with the upcoming concert, Incubus had organized ‘Promises, Promises’ contest in which fans could upload a video or audio cover of their single. The winners of the contest were presented with an autographed acoustic guitar. Besides that, local band Roosevelt was handpicked as the opening band for Incubus thanks to Tune Talk’s ‘Open 4 Incubus Band Competition’.

Selected members of the media were then whisked away to a makeshift interview room (it was a yoga studio) for individual interviews with the band. All of them were very polite and humble in every question that was thrown at their direction, which is a novelty that most local bands seem to lack. Soon after, the session ended with a photo opportunity with Incubus, much to the delight of the media who are big fans of the internationally acclaimed band.

Organized by Tune Talk and Pineapple Concerts, Incubus Live In KL will be held at Stadium Negara on 23 July 2011. For more updates, visit www.tunetalk.com.