Tron Trailer Previews New Daft Punk Track ‘Derezzed’

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After (too) much anticipation, another Tron: Legacy trailer is here, with a preview of the soundtrack Daft Punk has been so diligently working on. Watch out for the French duos appearance from behind the DJ booth of the future.

With countless teasers, blog posts and even a 20 second clip of ‘Derrezzed’ surfacing a few weeks ago, the level of anticipation for the movie and soundtrack is equal to that of a virgin on prom night. The extended preview of this track gives us a little bit more than a tease and sounds like Daft Punk has done the hype some justice, as in Justice via 2005, as the track pulls heavily from the french house sounds that exploded just a mere 5 years ago.

So what do you think – over hyped? Or were they so kind as to electrify you?


The movie hits theatres 16 December and the soundtrack is out 7 December. For all your Tron:Legacy info head the the official website.