Travis @ Carling Academy, Liverpool

The beauty of the internet is this; You can be out of the office, and still contribute, yes? Not that I’ve landed myself in a pot of gold, or at least, not yet, but I’ve managed to snag a ticket to see Travis at Liverpool’s Carling Academy. No SLRs were allowed but I got some almost decent pictures of the band performing from my tiny point-and-shoot :


It was kind of a special date for the Glasgow quartet as it was also the release day of their latest album, Ode to J. Smith. I also found out that they are no longer signed to any label and doing things on their own. A little warning to fans, J. Smith is quite a different outing as it has to be their ‘rockiest’ work by far. Imagine Good Feeling and multiply it by 5.

Here’s a video of them singing ‘Love Will Come Through’. Will upload more once youtube got it all processed. Hang in there!