Travis Barker Teams Up With A-Trak

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Here’s what A-Trak, who killed it at Zouk last year, have to say about the new project, “When Travis hollered, I was definitely flattered.” Why wouldn’t he be? Travis Barker of Blink-182 cool factor shot up when he teamed up with DJ AM, who was gone too soon for several projects and tours. Continuing the legacy, Travis is taking on A-Trak now. We smell something wicked come our way.

A-Trak is Kanye West’s touring DJ, will be rocking a run of shows with Travis from March at Hollywood’s Roxy Theatre. Travis told MTV News, “I had met A-Trak last year at Coachella, but I had seen a set of his at Avalon in Los Angeles maybe four years ago, with AM. He was a guy who I always wanted to work with in some way. So I gave him a call.” This will be Travis’ first time to perform live with a DJ since the death of his partner DJ AM in August. After a few jamming session together, they knew they had to take it to the people.

“We started by jamming once, back in the fall, just came over to the studio, and we did, like, one hour of jamming, which we thought was maybe a half an hour,” A-Trak added. “I just started playing records and scratching, and he was playing on top, and it went really, really naturally. It was very fluid. And we stopped and looked at the watch, and it was like, ‘Oh, we’ve been playing for an hour and didn’t even realize it.’ And I think that solidified for both of us in our minds that we could do this pretty easily.”

What can you expect from a Travis Barker and A-Trak show? There will be their remixes that they have worked on from people like Eminem, MSTRKRFT and even Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Hopefully Travis will be dropping new materials he has been working on in his Los Angeles studio too. A-Trak explains, “It’s going to be a mix of everything. We’re still kind of rehearsing it, but I think it’s going to be some songs people recognize, some of the remixes Travis has done, some of my remixes. Just kind of mix it up.”

Hollywood’s Roxy Theatre is just a start for the pair before hitting up Las Vegas, Austin’s South by Southwest and Miami. Travis told MTV News they will be at The Winter Music Conference in Miami for the bigger show after their leg of intimate shows. Nice!

A-Trak jokes,”We might do a run of side shows in health clubs and saunas. Just set up in the steam bath and play. It was an idea we had yesterday.” Hell, we don’t mind at all.

Source MTV News

Image A-Trak’s Flickr