Transform Your Closet With These Limited Edition Transformers Designs from HLA

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The year is about to end and we all know what that means…

source: Tenor

Lucky for you, HLA is bringing all kinds of cool stuff so you can swag out before the year ends and they’re coming out with a new line in conjunction with a new movie about everyone’s favourite alien-vehicle robots…

The Transformers series!

Anyone can rock a piece or two from HLA and since Bumblebee is coming out very soon, you should definitely check out the Transformers series–get one for yourself, it’s totally adult appropriate. T-shirts, hoodies, you name it, they have it.

These limited edition Transformers series features Autobot hero, Bumblebee, with clean colours and minimalistic designs – you can rock them day and night.

Fun Fact: HLA is not just for guys

Most people think that HLA is just for men and that’s so wrong. Come on people, it’s 2018! Gals can rock whatever they want, and so can guys!

Although HLA‘s storefront looks like it catered for guys, a lot of them are actually unisex. We love unisex clothes because it means more freedom, choice and style.

Look at them rocking that Bumblebee sweater below..

Omg, matching couple outfits! And it doesn’t look too much, thanks to its minimalist, chic designs. Come December, head out to HLA and cop ’em all so you can roll out to the cinema looking fresh like Bumblebee himself.

Last but not least, they’re having a massive sale until the end of the year!

There are two things that we love; shopping and shopping when everything is on sale, and HLA is doing just that until 2018 ends and if you buy two items and get one more for free!

Aside from that, you can also get 30% off. This is a good time for you to do some Christmas shopping. Bring ya family and friends.

This promotion is available at selected outlets (except for Queensbay Mall and Gurney Plaza, Penang) and there are 18 HLA outlets in Malaysia, as well as outlets in Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand, so do check out HLA’s website.

More looks are coming soon and for Penang peeps, give them a like on Facebook  and stay tuned for more updates.

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