TRAILER: Sound Seekers – Giving Wings to Local Talents

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source: Sound Seekers

The independent music scene here is in a constant flux of being there and not there. At 14 years old, JUICE Malaysia has covered enough previously unknown (and still unknown) acts to know that truism still holds true today. Yet, that has never stopped us from continuing to seek new music from the far recesses of SoundCloud and Bandcamp, the makeshift tables brimming with demo CDs and tapes at dingy gigs, and the promo materials buried deep in our 10,000+ strong unread emails inbox. Whatever notions you have of us when it comes to our music predisposition, be it an adept MC on the mic, a DAW and MPC-indebted producer, or a five-piece instrumental band, if you have that ineffable quality to your music, that acumen for aesthetic and direction, you’re the sound we seek. But there’s only so much a niche title such as ours, one with limited reach to boot, can do to spread the gospel — what could do better?

The answer to that is exactly Red Bull Malaysia’s Sound Seekers – a music platform with an aim to discover, showcase, and support new music hidden within the scene. Conceived in collaboration with The Wknd, Soundscape Records, Melodiya Recordings, Raising the Bar, and us (of course), the platform goes beyond just recording these music acts and presenting them to an audience – Sound Seekers will support them in their future endeavours indefinitely through album launches, single releases, studio sessions, and more. But first, starting with July, each month will see two videos of our selected artistes – beginning with hip hop upstart Zet Legacy (debuting tomorrow), then beatsmith Santaroena (mid-August), and finally BOTANIC Records alt pop signee Orang (mid-September).

Watch the trailer below:

… and below is the trailer for the debut of Sound Seekers tomorrow, featuring our first act, Zet Legacy:

Sound Seekers debuts tomorrow with Zet Legacy.

For more on the series, watch this space or follow Red Bull here and Red Bull Music here for immediate updates.

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