Touche with Kopigo & Kaiserkev


The word “touché” is used in fencing as an acknowledgement of a hit by one’s opponent. This is an appropriate name for the new Aristo night as two DJs with a penchant for non-chart friendly electronic tunes, Kopigo and Kaiserkevwill take over the decks at Aristo, Zouk. Be guided by the sounds of deep house, techno, tech house, and progressive house. The night promises to provide you with authentic electronic music in its most raw and gritty form, so all you niche music lovers and anti-Top 40 elitists can smile and adjust your tortoise shell framed glasses while grooving to the music. If you are looking for Guetta and his EDM ilk – go home. But for all you music junkies out there – get ready for an electric night.

Date Friday 19 September ’14
Time 10pm
Venue Zouk Club KL

More information and ticketing detail’s here