topshop/topman fashion rocks! with JUICE

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People who need to look devastatingly good skip on previewing the latest Topshop/Topman collections only as a form of social suicide. And if you’re not savvy with indie rock’s tsunami-like resurgence on the airwaves, you’re most probably deaf or a member of a ancient monastery that prohibits its monks from listening to cool sh*t. Therefore, please make it easier on your edge-starved selves and make a beeline for Topshop/Topman presents Fashion Rocks! in conjunction with JUICE happening at Zouk this Friday, 20 April at 9pm.
What’s in for you, you ask? Ingrates. Here you go: indie rock slicing through your eardrums courtesy of Twilight Actiongirl’s DJ Bunga and Ribut 10:59! Topshop/Topman fashion police looking out for exceptionally kickass-looking people to give copious amounts of swag to! Goodie bags and drinks on the house for the uncharacteristically punctual! And droolworthy models wafting through the crowd all night long, simply because we love improving your peripheral vision! Are you happy now?
To get invited, spend RM200 on a single receipt any Topshop/Topman outlet and look expectant at the counter, they’ll get you sorted. F3 members will get theirs in the mail, so don’t fret.So we’ll be seeing you, yes? Yes? Yes?
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