Top Korean Fashion Brands Hitting Up Paradigm Mall in Johor: SPAO, SHOOPEN, MIXXO

Get ready Johorians, because Paradigm Mall is shaking things up for you this November, bringing along with it amazing brands and franchises that are bound to satisfy the shopaholic in you.

Here’s a callout to the people out there who love anything that screams K-fashion, because you’ll definitely be excited to hear this: SPAO, SHOOPEN, and MIXXO are officially opening up in Johor! From ulzzang shoes and apparels to cute accessories, the options to choose from will be endless when Paradigm Mall launches in Johor on 28 November.

SPAO is the first original S.P.A (specialty store retailers of private label apparel) launched by one of the biggest fashion retailers in Korea, E-Land Group. The global clothing brand shop bears a striking resemblance to Japan’s largest apparel retail chain. It is Korea’s leading brand shop that offers a large variety of items including casual wear, men’s suits, women’s suits, children’s clothing, underwear, sportswear, and accessories. The brand has collaborated with many well-known Korean artistes on its campaigns. SPAO‘s brand ambassadors include famous K-pop groups like EXO, AOA, and SUPER JUNIOR. 

SPAO will be giving out half-price vouchers to the first 300 customers. As if that isn’t amazing enough, the first 150 customers in line will be entitled to purchase 1 item that is worth RM100 (RM100 or below items) at only RM10! However, these vouchers will only be valid on 28 November, so you’ll have to be fast, and spend faster. Make sure to look out for their new ‘Shin-Chan’ collection, they’re absolutely adorable.

Also check out the new SPAOxCRAYON SHINCHAN collection that will be releasing soon! To all the Shinchan fans out there, you’re going to absolutely adore this collection, you’d think we’ve grown out of that childhood phase, but these tees will bring those memories back with full force.

SHOOPEN is Korea’s first fast fashion shoe brand, which started in 2013. It is a shoe hub for all family members – with a variety of collections for men, women and kids. For each season, SHOOPEN will launch 18 collections with 2,000 designs. What makes SHOOPEN unique is that the stores function as a ‘Shoes Library’, where customers can self-serve themselves to try on products without waiting for staff to bring up their sizes from storage spaces. Running Man member Song-Ji Hyo was at the opening of SHOOPEN when it first opened in 2016 in Bukit Bintang. Now, it’s coming to your hometown, Johorians, and it’s definitely going to be a huge hit.

Just like SPAO, SHOOPEN will be giving out half-price vouchers to the first 300 customers and the first 150 customers in line will be entitled to purchase 1 item that is worth RM100 (RM100 or below items) at only RM10. Similarly, this is valid only on the launching day itself.

Korean celebrity Song-Ji Hyo at the opening of SHOOPEN in Malaysia, 2016.

MIXXO is a top name in women’s apparel and is derived from the word ‘mixology’, which is the skill of preparing mixed drinks. This translates perfectly in the freedom shoppers have to mix and match from the variety of basics and collections from MIXXO. The brand is a top name in women’s apparel and mainly targets women in their 20s to 40s. Its apparels are designed exclusively to fit the Asian women’s physique and are suitable for all occasions – work, leisure, and parties. The brand also collaborates with K-pop idol girl group Girls’ Generation–TaeTiSeo (TTS) on its many campaigns.

For the opening of Paradigm Mall on 28 November, MIXXO will be handing out half-price vouchers to the first 300 customers (valid on 28 November only). So girls, you better be there to grab yourselves a voucher before the crowd starts rolling in! 

The three brands are widely loved and popular in South Korea, and now that Hallyu is taking over the fashion industry, fashion-forward shoppers in Malaysia should definitely check out these amazing brands and embrace your soul Seoul.

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