Too Little Too Late?


Finally after what seems like a decade ago in Hollywood years, Chris Brown publicly apologizes for clocking up Rihanna. 

The horrible incident took place in February, in his car at a car park in LA a day before Chris Brown and Rihanna were due to perform together at the Grammy Awards. Pictures revealing a very bruised and beaten up Rihanna sent even the casual observer reeling when they surfaced on the internet.

Reports from LAPD read that Rihanna’s head was hit against the passenger’s window and that she was punched repeatedly by Chris Brown til blood spattered all over her clothes and in the car. It was so severe that allegedly when she called her assistant to call the cops to her house, Chris threatened to kill her.

Sometimes rage makes you do stupid things. Violence is never the answer and no matter the reason, domestic violence is always wrong peeps! Chris Brown may have apologized, but it may be a little too late. The damage is done.  Kudos to Rihanna for being strong, and refusing to play victim to the media. WE wouldn;t wish the same fate on anyone (except maybe Heidi Montag).

If you are being abused or if you know someone that is, do not suffer in silence. Call the Telenita helpline at 03 7877 0224, or log on to for more info.