Tom Waits’ ‘Bad As Me’

Once you reach 60, there’s only two ways to go. You’re either a sweet ol’ crooner swaying in a suit and a tie (Frank Sinatra comes to mind…) or chain smoking at the bar with only a bottle of bourbon for company. Tom Waits falls into the latter, and naturally does so with his bad assery. Case in point is his latest single ‘Bad As Me’, out now as a digital download on Amazon and iTunes.


Amidst the rumours if he was up to anything new, Wait responded with this. Served as the first single to the still under wrapped 13-track album, Bad As Me. This marks the first full length album since Real Gone back in 2004. Then again, we will probably only have this until the album starts rolling out on 25 October.

We’re sorry, Indiana Jones has nothing on Waits now – especially after that disaster of Crystal Skull and Shia LeBeouf (urggh..)

Keep up with Tom’s junkyard blues at For now, we’ll leave you with a classic scene from Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee & Cigarettes, with Tom and the Godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop… Smell that black and white artsy-ness!