Tired of Cleaning Your Home? Get These Smart Robots To Help You Vacuum & Mop

We get it, being cooped up at home can get stressful especially when it’s another lockdown. Your home has now become a workplace for yourself and a school for your kids, this is how cleaning starts to feel like a burden.

While being stuck at home gives you more time to focus on cleaning your home, you don’t want to be spending most of your free time doing that, especially since most work-from-home employees have a tough enough time detaching from work after office hours end.

So how can we spice up our floor-cleaning sesh at home?

In today’s fast-paced society,  daily chores like vacuuming & mopping are simply too time-consuming. For many people, buying a robot vacuum / mopping is a wonderful way to clean your home, without devoting large amounts of time and energy.  You can pick up the new iRobot cleaners that help you finish off your task with just a simple click on your phone!

Introducing the self-charging, iRobot Roomba® 7+ and iRobot Braava jet® m6 where you can now clean without even lifting a finger!

Say hello to your new best friend, the iRobot Roomba® i7+ and iRobot Braava jet® m6..

Before we get into your new cleaning best friend, here’s a little background…

iRobot was founded in 1990 by roboticists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the vision of making practical robots a reality. They have now sold more 30 million robots worldwide.

iRobot products are brought to you by Visionary Solutions Sdn Bhd, which is also the sole distributor of Blueair products and other highly effective and premium quality household products.

With more than 30 years of leadership in the robot industry, iRobot continues to build robots that provide smarter ways to clean in our daily lives.

The iRobot Roomba® i7+ detects dirt you can barely see with your own eyes

The iRobot Roomba® i7+ is not your regular robot vacuum. It has a specialised dirt detect sensor which allows Roomba to spot dirt you can barely see with your own eyes and proceed to clean them including those stubborn spots that you would scrub aggressively.

If you have stairs at home, worry not because the Dual Beam Cliff feature is designed to avoid stairwells and focus on cleaning dark surfaces like your black carpet.

And if you didn’t know, Roomba® i7+ is the only robot equipped with Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes where it has brushes that is able to avoid getting hair strands and other things stuck on the brush.

It can learn the layout of your home & where not to go

Tired of trying bending down trying to reach those unreachable spots? The soft touch bumper technology is here to help you to clean the edges and corners with its built in tangle-free Dual-Multi Surface Rubber Brushes which concentrates on the airflow and multiples the suction power of the vacuum.

With the Virtual Wall Barrier technology, Roomba® keep out of spots like your pet’s eating area.

What makes this different from other robot cleaners is that Roomba® learns the layout and map of your house. With the Imprint Smart Mapping technology, Roomba® is able to remember up to 10 maps which you can control on the iRobot Home App on your smartphone.

It will empty its contents into a bin which can last up to 2 months before it gets full…

Once Roomba® is finished with it’s responsibility, it will automatically go back to it’s charging base with dust bag where its equipped with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal technology. It will recharge and empty its content to the bin that can hold up to 30 full bins of dirt lasting up to two months. See how much time you’re able to save here?

Now that we’re done with vacuuming you might start to wonder, am I gonna have to mop the floors now? The answer’s no because Roomba’s partner, Braava jet® m6 will get it done for you.

The Roomba® & Braava® will communicate with each other

What makes them special is that Roomba® & Braava® can work together since they were built and designed with Imprint Link Technology that enables them to send special signals to each other.

When Roomba® returns to its station it will send a special message to Braava® that will prompt it to start mopping your floors squeaky clean.

The Braava jet® m6 has an extended coverage feature that wet mops up until 400 sq ft while it can dry sweep up until 1,000 sq ft. Equipped with the special formulated cleaning solution, Braava® also comes with single-use or washable pads that are available for you to choose at your own liking.

Like Roomba®, Braava® also will automatically return to it’s charging base and resume its task once it is fully recharged.

The Braava jet® m6 has a precision jet spray to tackle nasty stains

Braava jet® m6 is also designed with a precision jet spray that will tackle those nasty stains on your floor making it different than any other robot cleaners on the market. Exactly like Roomba®, the Imprint Smart Mapping helps them remember the layout of your house.

The iRobot Home App allows the Roomba® & Braava® to communicate with the rest of your home

To control and teach your these iRobot cleaners, you can access the iRobot Home App designed specifically to allow you to send your iRobot to clean your targeted areas within a room with just one click.

That’s not all, you can also create and control the areas you do not want to be cleaned by clicking on the Keep Out Zone option.

You can even schedule your cleaning routine according to your own time by just setting the time you want as well as access your favourite cleaning routines you’ve set before.

Your iRobot cleaners can also communicate with your smart door locks, thermostats, and other devices so cleaning can start right when you leave the house.

If you have Google Assistant or Alexa enabled devices as your home assistant why not have robots that vacuum and mop every inch and corner of the floors of your home? Come on, it’s time to bid your cleaning woes goodbye.

You can purchase the Roomba® i7+ & Braava jet® m6 on ShopeeLazada, or straight from Visionary Solutions or from partner retailers such as ESH, HomePro, Harvey Norman and TBM.