Timorous Beasties

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Mixing up traditional and modern style, Timorous Beasties’ work has been described as “William Morris on acid.”

Unafraid of the dark side of nature, the Glasgow-based design company started by 80s art school mates Paul Simmons and Alistair McAuley have made illustrative creepy crawlies, triffid-like plants and large-scale fish their trademark in their work on graphics, furniture, products, carpets, glass, ceramics and interiors, while wallpaper hides images of the devil. Dark.

Their freakish take on tame household paraphernalia has already attracted interest from major brands including Nike (surprise, surprise) and they were nominated for Designer of the Year by London Design Museum in 2005 and in 2006. When not creeping us out and designing gravestones (yes, they do that too) the company with stores in Glasgow and London are busy putting their mark on rugs for Brintons carpets, an armchair for SCP and are working on their own branded whisky! Let’s guess — with a worm in the bott….

Crawl the web and devour the monstrous work of Timorous Beasties through www.timorousbeasties.com now.