Timex Limited Edition Camper MK-1

Timex MK1_2

American heritage brand Timex is reissuing a watch designed for the US army during the Vietnam War, but this edition is one for everyday people. Going through the archives, Timex has created a civilian version of the very first camper produced during the wartime of the ’80s called the Camper MK-1. This limited edition has the same features of the original – easy to read, durable, lightweight, and timeless.

The Timex Camper MK-1 is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and only 10 pieces are sold exclusively at Crossover Concept Store, which will arrive on Wednesday 17 August.

A closer look at the timepiece below:

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Timex MK1_3

timex MK1

The reissue retails at RM629.