Time to Rock the World… Again?

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Is it time again to rock out with your favourite local indie bands? Yes it is, kiddies! But wait a minute, isn’t that the same line-up from the past 5 years?

Rock The World started as a way to introduce fresh talent from the scene into the mainstream. With big corporate sponsors, it was hailed as our own prestigious, homegrown rock festival. Nothing could stop us. Except repetition (and some say, cronyism).

And while the 10th RTW will feature the best bands that have performed at RTW concerts for the past ten years, the lineup still seems a little empty and predictable. It’s great to give recognition to all those hardworking musicians but the excitement level has long died in this journalist’s heart.

The inclusion of certain questionable acts make things worst. If this really was your 10th anniversary, your big celebration and call to arms for the cream of the crop, why Dragon Red? Why? No, really, why?

It’s not like they played any gigs for the past few years (though they did came out with an album). When they were active, people called them Korn/Limp Bizkitz clones. Practically no ones knows who they are and cares for their late 90s rap-nu metal crap. This might sound very mean, I know, but I am entitled to at least one mean post a year.

Lo (aka Jason Lo), who started RTW, will also be making an appearance at the concert. It’s been a good ten years since he hit the big time with his irritating alt pop ringer ‘Evening News’. Not to question his relevance, but can anyone remember the lyrics of that song apart from its minimal 3-word chorus?

Other default bands include Lo’s own label boys, adult-contemporary rockers Disagree and another rap-rock forgetable, Pop Shuvit (hey, didn’t they do a number with Ramli Sarip?). Think Creed and Linkin Park. Now, I know some of you like Creed and Linkin Park. Question is then, what are you doing here?

Well, at least Tune Talk is sponsoring another stage, the Tune Talk Indie Stage, which adds more colour and fresh faces to the lineup. Here are some bands that we’d like to see playing at RTW someday.

Lineup for RTW 10 (mainstage):

Love Me Butch
Dragon Red
Gerhana Ska Cinta
Republic Of Brickfields
They Will Kill Us All
Seven Collar T-Shirt
One Buck Short
Bleeding Mascara
Azlan & The Typewriter
Pop Shuvit
The Pilgrims
Massacre Conspiracy
Dichi Michi
Skudap Skudip

RTW 10 will be held at Car Park A, Bukit Jalil Stadium, Kuala Lumpur on Sunday 26 Dec 2010 from 10am til late. Tickets at RM30* per person (*includes RM3 ticketing fee) are available at www.rocktheworld.com.my.

One last comment… and it’s not even mine:

“Good Lord! Band list aside, the promo poster sucks big time! Watsup with that skeleton? LOL.
Posted by isehman on 28 November (on Junkonline.net)