Timberland SS16 ‘Saltwater Tide’ Collection

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The ‘Saltwater Tide’ collection from Timberland is quite self-explanatory in the textures and styles that can be expected of the collection. The range features clothes that have a faded, worn-in appeal to them to mimic the look of wear from exposure to sun and salty sea breeze. The styles are relaxed, no fuss, perfect for a day out with your friends in the summer heat. For the men’s range, expect breathable poplin shirt, a rugged yet refined blazer, soft, cotton chino, and boat shoes. On the other hand, the women’s range features a richly hued denim shirts, and sandals that offer maximum comfort.

Take a look at the collection below:

2015_TIMB_D4_H2T_TIDES_M1_054 1_saltwatertide

2015_TIMB_D4_H2T_TIDES_W1_318 1_saltwatertide

Timberland’s ‘Saltwater Tide’ collection will be available at the end of the month.