Timberland FW15 ‘Black Forest’ Collection

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Timberland has always been a company known for producing apparel meant for the outdoors, but the company is redefining the ‘outdoors’ as they are closing the proximity between the woods and the city. Hence their ‘Black Forest’ collection, which is part of the brand’s Made for the Modern Trail campaign. The collection revolves around a most versatile tone, grey, as the colour also represents the natural deep shade that can be found in the thick of the forest. As expected, the colour palette of the collection spans from the varying shades and tones of grey and black (with the exception of a few pieces that are khaki). The collection for men and women consists of pieces such as a timeless classic field leather jacket, waterproof trench coat that retains warmth, textured wool peacoat and sweater, as well as transitional boots that are appropriate for any time of the day, aside from being stylish and durable.

Here are some select pieces from the Black Forest collection; starting with the Women’s Hyvent Rosebrook Trench Coat:


Men’s Tenon Leather Jacket:


Women’s Beckwith Side Zip Chelsea Boot:


Men’s West Haven Waterproof Leather Chukka:


More below:

The Black Forest Collection is now available in Timberland outlets across the country.

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