Tilly And The Wall: O (Team Love)

Some female singers can squeal without being annoying; Tilly has this in common with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Apart from gusty co-ed vocals, TATW have got a tap-dancing percussionist instead of a drummer. ‘Pot Kettle Black’, a song about high school smack b!tch@s, stands out as the album’s main track and was recorded in a school gym with a 10-man stomp ensemble! Fun and mean, the band got their name from a children’s storybook. This is their 3rd album, referred to as O, after the shape that holds the band name together on the cover. Helmed by Bright Eyes regular Mike Mogis, this album contains a mix of wigged-out rhythms, buzzing guitars and folk-pop ditties. A damn good companion to The Go! Team.