Tiger Crystal Beer Launch @ Skybar

It’s a fact that we all know we love our good ol’ reliable Tiger beer. Ordering one anywhere you go rewards you with that type of dependence you can’t get from any lover – that we know, for sure. It seems however that one fine day someone somewhere in the Tiger beer company suddenly decided “Hey, lets live a little, shake things up a bit!” The result? You get the limited edition Tiger Crystal.  

Tiger Crystal was launched at an exclusive media event at the ever so snazzy Sky Bar all the way up at Traders Hotel yesterday filled with people from the media, trade partners and the entertainment industry, all winding down after a day’s hard work with a Tiger.

So how does it fare? With its good looking clear glass bottle and light taste, it certainly will be popular with the ladies. Kudos to Tiger though, the bottle sure is pretty! No news on how much a bottle will be priced at but make sure you keep your eyes open for them. Its certainly worth a try.

Tiger Crystal Beer Launch was held at Sky Bar on 18 March 2010. For more pix check out our gallery!