Tiga Dalam Kepompong Touches on Child Abuse & Mental Illness

Using art to spread some good in the world, this theatre show – supported by Five Arts Centre and Yayasan Sime Darby – touches on the heavy theme of child abuse, depression, and suicide with a three-piece play titled Tiga Dalam Kepompong. Divided into ‘Beautiful Flowers’, ‘Peon’, and ‘Kenapa Tak Tukar Nama’, each play carries its own identity that reveals the struggle of living in today’s society.

Working together with The Challenger Association, profits from ticket sales will help the NGO grow and spread awareness on mental health issues – a subject that’s still looked down upon within local society due to tradition and stigma. Written by Anjali Nijjar Venugopal, ‘Beautiful Flowers’ is particularly supported by the NGO for its in-depth subject, while the remaining two plays are devised theatre that talks about other common issues in local culture.

For a minimum of RM20 donation, you get to enjoy three plays at once and learn more about the inner workings of the mind. Under the artistic direction of Syafiq Syazim, the play will also be collaborating with Thursdays Cafe, Renderbrew Cafe and The Venopian Solitude, so you’ll get your coffee fix during the show.

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