Tiësto: Trance Thirst

Image Stephanie Pistel

Excuse the drool. Superstars have a way of causing the heebie-jeebies, even across continents. Catching the man in Oaxaca, New Mexico, where he is currently on tour, JUICE calls Tiësto before he heads our way to perform next month at Heineken Thirst. The infectious beats that he spins have had his fans on their knees for nearly 2 decades. Not only does he know how to entertain, he certainly knows what he’s worth. Keeping mum on his set, we are hopeful that third time’s the charm for all dance enthusiasts…

You’ve been revealed as one of the most wanted DJs to perform in Malaysia, and you’re realising this dream for many music enthusiasts when you play at Thirst next month. Can you share with us what the party-goers can anticipate?
I’m really excited, and I’ve got so much love from Malaysian fans on my Twitter and Facebook page and elsewhere on the Internet. I’m pleasantly surprised to all these reactions though. I’m really happy that I’m coming, and I’m gonna give it my very best. I will give them a Tiësto show.

You’ve been #1 for 3 consecutive years in DJ Mag. The sky’s the limit; do you think there’s more to be achieved?
Yes, there will always be more that can be achieved. The most important thing is that people like my music. Anywhere I go around the world, that’s more important to me than any ranking.

From Elements of Life to Kaleidoscope, why the transition of sounds in trance?
I felt that after Elements of Life, I’ve been playing trance for so many years, I felt like doing something different with my music style.

Who do you look up to in the trance industry?
I look up to this guy called Tiësto. Have you heard of him? He’s really good!

Oh yeah… We’ll definitely check him out. Did you expect ‘Maximal Crazy’ to be the favourite chosen track of 2011?
Actually no, I progressed myself in a specific way after Kaleidoscope and I started playing house music and electro. This progression just felt so natural to me and ‘Maximal Crazy’ is an example of a new track of Tiësto 2011 with the same impact.

Malaysians have a different party style as compared to the Dutch. Any thoughts on this?
The Dutch definitely party very differently. The weather is really cold in Holland and they don’t scream as much as the party-goers in Malaysia [laughs].

Come 10 December, it will be your third time in KL. Is there anything familiar in the city you’d be looking forward to?
I always have a very good time in KL whenever I visit. It’s an international city for me, the food and the people are always welcoming. I try to stay a couple of days extra when I visit Kuala Lumpur.

Could you tell us how the progression, from performing to producing has been for you? We understand that you now have your own label, Musical Freedom.
Production is very important. That’s how you transcend to being a famous DJ when you make great productions. You can’t be a famous DJ if you just DJ. Innovation, like Deadmau5 and Afrojack, they made great hits and that’s what made them famous and then they became DJs. That’s how it is like these days in the music industry.

One last question, give us a sneak peek of what your set might be like during Thirst. Would there be some surprises that you might spring on us?
I always try to bring surprises. It will be very Tiësto 2011. I will probably drop a few classics here and there. But I would like to evolve and progress, and teach the crowd how I play nowadays because I’ve been playing like I have now for the last year. It’s gone really well, everywhere I go, like here in Mexico, the crowds go crazy with my new tracks. I hope it will be the same in Malaysia when I spin at Thirst.

Of course it will! Who hasn’t heard of Tiësto? J

Tiësto will be headlining Heineken Thirst on Saturday 10 December @ Sepang International Circuit. More info at www.heineken.com/my.