Tickets to Zouk’s 8th Anniversary Party Up For Grabs!

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8 years, and still going strong! Zouk Club is celebrating their 8th anniversary this week, with the magical so-not-cliche theme, Happily Ever After. Instead of slaying dragons and rescuing young maidens from their towers though, you’ll have to make your way through the throbbing crowd, battle past glorious towers of free flow (only until 11pm) and be an early bird if you want to get your hands on Zouk 8th Anniversary Premiums. When is this fantastical party happening?

Date 29 March 2012
Time 9pm – 3am
Venue Zouk KL

Since this party has got a fairy tale theme, we want to be the ones handing out happy endings, and boy, have we got a happy ending for winners! 5 lucky readers will get 4 passes to the Zouk 8th Anniversary party. 1 pass admits two people, SO the lucky winners get to bring 8 friends each into the club, and have your own posse! That’s a pretty big pot of gold, if you ask us. All you have to do be a winner is answer this question:

Q: What’s your idea of “happily ever after”?

Send your answers in by 12pm Thursday 29 March 2012 along with your full name, IC and handphone number with the subject ‘Zouk Club 8th Anniversary’ to [email protected]. Winners will be called before 6pm Thursday 29 March 2012.


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