Thunderheist: Jerk It

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In one of the interviews they did, Thunderheist labeled their music as electrocrunk boom bap. We think it’s funky. Made up of Isis and Grahmzilla, from Montreal Canada, they have been making music together since 2006. Like an electro/hip hop goddesss, Isis rocks the mic while Grahmzilla produces beats, hard hitting enough to make your head explode. Long before they actually released any demo or singles, they’ve been getting invites to big shows, and mentions in music publications everywhere. Last year, Thunderheist was declared 2007 Noisemaker in Montreal Mirror. According to the duo’s Myspace page, there are only 500 copies of the Jerk It EP going around. With a huge fanbase that they have now, we sure hope there’ll be reprints. A full album is said to be on the way. Oh we can’t wait!

‘Jerk It’ is available in the Jerk It EP. Comes in both digital or 12″ format. Buy it online and also get to know Thunderheist a bit more at

Text Ili Farhana