Thou Shall Love Animals

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JUICE is an animal lover and we’re hoping you are too! If you’re not, here’s us trying to rope you in….

They’re good for the mind and soul
Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer used to kill and dissect animals when he was a kid – if something like this doesn’t raise alarm bells, what else would? Having a pet animal is a great start for someone to bond with another living thing. Growing up with a furry companion is also said to enliven your mental wellbeing while lowering feelings of anxiety or depression, as you learn to become loving, caring and responsible. So go get a pet to adore and cuddle, because if you don’t, well let’s just say we all know how Dahmer turned out….

The cool new thing
Fine! If we can’t convince you to be a furry pet lover (not the kind you were probably thinking) for all the right reasons, then we’ll throw in a few shallow ones as well – like having a pet because it’s the rad thing to have, and we don’t mean draping yourself with it ala the weird Olsen twins. Some of the coolest stars like Thom York, Joaquin Phoenix, Moby, Jeff Beck, Pink, Bree Sharp and Goldfinger are either vegetarians, part of the Humane Society, PETA supporter, or full fledged animal rights activist. They do it because they really care and (fingers crossed) you will too. We hope what might have started out as a superficial reason for having a pet will turn you into an animal lover eventually.

For health purposes
A furry friend can be more than a loving companion. Scientific research have shown that a person who plays with animals (again, not the way you’re thinking) or is a pet owner, is more likely have a healthier heart (this if you’re not packing the lard into your diet). Owning a pet can decrease your blood pressure and lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This all sounds like heavy medical stuff to us so let us just put it this way, pets + taking it out for walks + playing with them = good health + fun. Plus, it’s a great way to get chicks to see your softer side.

Loyal friend
We’ve all heard stories of dogs saving its owner’s life during a fire or when the owner is being attacked. What about animals from the wild that have shown a huge sense of loyalty? Here’s a heart-warming example of extraordinary animals that have shown human-like emotions. This sounds sappy but whateva, we think it’s cool!

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Animals are cute, yes, even the naked mole rat. We’re not expecting you to become vegetarian overnight or go cold turkey (please forgive the pun) on meat immediately, all we’re asking is the better treatment of these beings. For instance, adopt a pet today from SPCA, go vegetarian for two-three days a week if you can’t go all out, don’t wear fur or leather that has been produced inhumanely, go free range if you can, and simply begin by being nicer to them and it’s a great start already.

Adopt a pet by visitng SPCA at SPCA Selangor, Jalan Kerja Air Lama, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.
You can call the SPCA Selangor at 03 4256 5312 or for more info log onto

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