Thom Yorke – The Real Captain Planet?

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Somehow, Thom Yorke managed to score a press pass for the United Nations Climate Change Conference that went down recently in Copenhagen, Denmark. Yes, The Karma Police was in town.

The Radiohead frontman has posted reports from the conference on the band’s blog Dead Air Space. And from the look of things, old Thom’s pissed about the global meeting where world leaders tried to hatch a plan for reducing emissions and slowing climate change.

Here are a couple of his latest entries:

“When is a good time to give up and go and eat something? Leaders are still apparently still having heated discussions. Where? No-one knows? There has been a debate going on how to vote on any decision… but it is in a language of numbers and procedure. I have had a load of cameras and recorders stuck in my face now and tried to say what an outsider walking in to this madness might think. One who is perhaps concerned about the rise of global temperatures. One who has experienced this first hand maybe. One who may have even voted in their leader on the basis that they may do the right thing on this issue… Only to see them surrounded by this weird fog. I hope that the fog clears sometime tonight. But that they don’t pretend to have an agreement that they do not. I hope this is not over.”

“I think i may have had enough of cynicism, brinkmanship, face saving and posturing. Have had enough of sitting in a crowd of journalists watching for anything that might happen waves on nothing… so crazy… this is all far too late. Far too late.”

Geez, what a downer. Our world really is going to sh!t, isn’t it? Well, to quote you Thom, “This is what you get when you mess around…”

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