This Terengganu Woman Has “Golden Blood”, The Rarest Blood Type In The World

Source: Facebook/dermadarahterengganukite

A Terengganu blood bank took to their Facebook page on Friday to share the discovery of an extremely rare blood group called Rhnull, found in a Terengganu woman who was donating blood.

She is the only person in Malaysia known to have this blood type.

The Facebook post said that this blood type is the “rarest one in the world” with only 43 people in the world known to have it, after the blood group was first discovered back in 1961. The blood group has since been dubbed, “The Golden Blood”.

People with this blood type have an absence of Rh antigens (proteins) in their red blood cells. Naturally, donations for the blood group are scarce.

The blood bank said that the donated blood will be stored in a nitrogen-filled container at -80 degrees for 10 years at the national blood bank in Kuala Lumpur.

“If there is a patient who needs this type of blood, then this blood will be diluted for use,” said the Facebook post.

The post praised the woman for donating her blood and called her a “special one”. It went on to encourage the public to donate blood as it could save lives.