This Sushi Chef & His Bodybuilding Friends Drop Their Clothes To Lift Up Their Business

(Source:delivery.macho on Instagram)

The pandemic has caused many businesses big and small to either suffer heavy losses or close down completely.

To stay afloat during this unprecedented time, sushi chef-restaurant owner and bodybuilder, Masanori Sugiura has combined his two passions to come up with a unique delivery service which allows him to exhibit his ripped physique.

The 41-year-old, who is the third-generation owner of the 60-year-old sushi restaurant Imazushi in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture, has officially started “Delivery Macho”, a service that introduces top-ranking bodybuilders (some of who are Masanori’s friends) as deliverymen who take off their t-shirts to pose after completing their deliveries.

Customers can also request to take pictures of these not so average deliverymen as long as it’s from a safe distance. For now, Delivery Macho has gained much attention from the public and are trying to expand their services to cities such as Tokyo and Osaka for the right price, and not just stick to Nagoya.

According to Japan Times, Imazushi which had initially provided food for memorial services and groups, had suffered immensely with its revenue from the April-June quarter dropping to ¥10 million from its usual revenue of ¥100 million. The company was also forced to sack almost 90% of its employees and went from 50 staff to only four.

(Source: Japan Times)

A long time gym-junkie, Masanori started working out at the gym when he was in his 20s and began entering competitions in his 30s. He ranked third in a world championship for bodybuilding last February.

Delivery Macho has reportedly gone viral on social media after the official website launched.

Currently, Masanori is looking for potential couriers in Tokyo to deliver his goods. In the future, he would like “to try hosting macho tuna cutting shows abroad,” he said.