This Stranger Things ‘Eleven Bleeding Nose’ Candle Holder is the Halloween Accessory You Need

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In conjunction with Halloween, there is no better time than now to go all out with both your wardrobe and home decor. If pumpkin carvings, cliché horror flicks, and cobwebs feel generic to you, then you might wanna check out this Stranger Things ‘Eleven Bleeding Nose‘ candle holder that appropriately oozes out blood for the extra creep factor you need this season.

The ceramic candleholder can also be used all year long if you’re a huge Stranger Things fan, FYI. Available for pre-order here, the product comes with red candles that you insert into Eleven’s head – so the meltier the candle, the better. Plus, the set comes with a ‘nose picker’ to clean up excess wax in case of blockage.

If you haven’t caught on with the Stranger Things hype, watch the trailer to Season 2 below:

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