This Malaysian Photographs Over 100 Train Stations Worldwide

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Born in Miri and currently based in Kota Kinabalu, Enig Hui is a Malaysian photographer whose works have been featured on sites like The Daily Mail and Lomography.

His eye-catching photo series on underground train stations have garnered him audiences from around the world.

Enig is passionate about travelling, and aims to portray the beauty and architecture of railways in the many countries he has visited.


“You’ll get to know the culture and character of a city through its infrastructure,” Enig says.

He compares entering underground train stations to stepping into a film set. Enig is particularly intrigued by Nordic countries like Norway and Finland for their art, design, and landscape.

Also Hamburg

Coming from an engineering background, Enig is fascinated by the symmetry and contrast of the railway architectures.

“I would like my underground photo series to be able to transcend the moody yet sleek vibe of train stations as a way to complement the gritty energy of urban life,” Enig elaborates.

Does this one look familiar? It’s our very own Muzium Negara MRT Station!

For more of Enig’s works, follow him on Instagram and Tumblr