This Kid Made a Video for M City JR’s Song With Just

Images Peta Pixel + Paradigm Talent Agency

From MTV to YouTube official music video releases, we’ve come a long way with music videos. Now anyone with a smartphone can make their own video to a song they dig, and the teen-filled music video app is exactly that. It’s not for the tech illiterate and if you’re good, you might go viral. One look at the app and you’d catch thousands of self-made videos recorded in creative angles determined by the user’s creativity over some of today’s hottest tunes. It’s an interesting sight when teenagers as young as 13 are filming themselves doing snappy and abrupt movements to not just bubblegum pop, but even gangsta rap with filming props like cash and gold chains (they know how it’s done, fellas). We don’t know how they do it, it might be a natural skill for a generation of youngsters who are born into an era of smartphones? Whatever the process, user IsaiahXaver10 displayed some impressive editing skills, shooting a comical and fast-paced video over ‘Addicted To My Ex’ by M City JR, seemingly all in one take.

Watch the video shared by Viner ankur on Twitter below:

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