This is the Only Nasi Lemak Burger You Should Put in Your Mouth

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When McDonald’s Singapore released their Nasi Lemak Burger not too long ago, a heck ton of Malaysians didn’t take it too well because a simple Google search would prove that this dish is ours to claim (don’t even try to argue with us here). Being the competitive food debaters that we are, citizens retaliated with an array of questions ranging from a jealous “Why do we not have a Nasi Lemak Burger?” to “I actually don’t mind trying the McDonald’s Singapore Nasi Lemak Burger.” A number of them actually drove to Singapore to do exactly that. Another war then emerged online (similar to our food war about bak kut teh) and we’re left baffled by the results from fellow Singaporeans who picked up our pettiness. Assuming that this is the end of our claim on the nasi lemak, a meal we call our national dish, we surrendered.

That is until our friends at The Bowery unveiled our very own Nasi Lemak Burger called the NLB, which features chicken thigh fried to crispy perfection after being soaked in coconut milk-laced batter, sandwiched between a homemade butter brioche bun. But what’s nasi lemak without the sambal right? Paired with ground nuts, perfect fried egg (runny telur mata kerbau-style), and fried anchovies, the sambal will be served with the golden chicken thigh, and the combination of the oozing yolk from the egg together with the spicy sambal sauce will make you realise that no one does nasi lemak like we do.

This isn’t the first local-infused item in The Bowery’s menu, the food chain has successfully merged its New York heritage with local flavours through its #MYMEETSNY campaign, creating items like the Stylo Milo Crazy Shake, Macaroni Mamak, Tandoori Chicken NY Pizza, and Manhattan Har Mee. To celebrate the upcoming national month, the team at The Bowery Group knows it’s best to highlight the quintessential dish in our lives; one that is timeless and consumable at every hour of every day.

On the NLB: “The timing is simply impeccable as we edge closer to August, the month of Malaysia’s National Day. Food is a big part of the Malaysian culture and The Bowery Group wants to continuously connect with Malaysians and celebrate Malaysia’s diverse local food heritage. What better way to celebrate our patriotic month with a new creation inspired by Malaysia’s breakfast icon,” said Aneesha Veriah and Fariz Zain Zahedi, directors of The Bowery Group. Yes, totally got nothing to do with the hype surrounding our neighbour’s own nasi lemak-burger concoction.

Good news is that The Bowery has also expanded to three large chains within the Klang Valley, so the NLB will be available at all three branches — BOWERY Kitchen & Bar (Publika), Bowery Petit (TTDI), and Bowery Metro (Menara Hap Seng).

Get your hands on the NLB as part of The Bowery’s daily set lunch at RM19 with a drink of the day or RM24.50 with soup and drink of the day, subject to a 10% service charge. The NLB a la carte is priced at RM18, if that’s all you’re interested in. 

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