This Is It

There is something about the anticipation of waiting for This Is It to open in cinemas that reminded me of the great late Michael Jackson. The feeling was reminiscent to waiting for MJ’s History Tour in 96 to begin- you had absolutely no idea what was gonna happen, but you know that MJ will never fail to blow you away.

That’s exactly the feeling of watching This Is It. I knew it was going to be bits and pieces of rehearsal footage strung together to make a “concert documentary” but really, had it been any other performer the idea would have been total snooze fest. Instead my soft spot was hit from the get-go with MJ’s chosen principal dancers in tears expressing how it felt like to work with the legend himself . Everyone who has been a dancer knows that growing up, Michael Jackson has inspired them in some way or another to become one. Well I did, anyhow. Gosh darn it, Kenny Ortega found my soft spot already. Cue, waterworks.

At first it seemed odd that Kenny Ortega (of High School musical fame) was the director for This Is It concert and movie but as you watch his involvement into directing the rehearsals of the concert with MJ, you start to understand that he fits the part and works very well with MJ’s vision, ideas and whims.

During his dance scenes its amazing to watch how MJ come alive often time outshining his far younger back up dancers which only makes you feel dirty for doubting that he could do it and feeling robbed that he’s actually gone.

Highlight of the movie was watching MJ sing ‘Human Nature’. If you have watched that bit and not get shivers, then you must be made out of stone. That “penguin move” he made was pretty cool, though.

This Is It is truly for the fans, a rare insight to a side of MJ that most would never get the privilege of seeing in their lifetime and a taste to what a concert This Is It would have been. RIP Michael Jackson, we love you too.


If you haven’t watched This Is It, you better make a run for it runs for 2 weeks starting from 29 October 2009. For more info log on to