This International Food Fest is Going to Bring You a Unique Gastronomic Experience

The awesome Quayside Fiesta is back to kick off the year with a bang!

source: Gamuda Land

Quayside Fiesta is finally back with a new look! This time, they’re bringing you a unique gastronomic experience – International Food Fest at The, a placemaking initiative in Kota Kemuning designed for you and the community to enjoy and have fun.

So come with an empty stomach and get ready to chow down on lots of delicious food from all around the world!

Here are all the event details:
Dates: 26 & 27 January 2019
Time: 4pm – 10pm
Venue: The, twentyfive.7 Property Gallery, Lot 43495, Persiaran Oleander, 42500 Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor, Malaysia

Here’s all the fun stuff you can look forward to experiencing at the 2-day event:

1. Feast on all kinds of delectable international cuisine

You’ll definitely be spoiled for choice so make sure you try a little bit of everything! Indulge in your favourites or discover something new as you taste delicacies from Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, India, Italy, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, United States, Hawaii, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

2. Take fun photos at the four different foodie themed backdrops – Retro Restaurant, Japan Culture Restaurant, European Restaurant, and Oriental Vintage Chinese Stall

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3. Be entertained by one-of-a-kind global performances

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Featuring LED suits and lights, the Jetski and Flyboard Show is guaranteed to impress! And over on the performance stage, you can enjoy the musical stylings of local bands, Fazz and Crinkle Cut.

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But best of all, are the dance performances showcasing unique international elements. This includes Rio Dance, Kimono Dance, Chef & Waiter Dance, Broadway Dance, Roma Dance, and German Dance. As for Malaysia, we’ll be proudly represented by an impressive Teh Tarik Performance!

4. Participate in challenges to win some awesome prizes

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Spicy King Challenge
Do you dare put your spicy tolerance to the test? Be the fastest one to finish a bowl of super spicy noodles and be rewarded with cash vouchers!

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Eat-As-Much-As-You-Can Burger Challenge
Are you known for your speed eating skills? Put them to good use and eat as many burgers as you can in 10 minutes to win prizes!

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International Food Fiesta Instagram Awards
Love taking gorgeous food photos? Post them up on Instagram and include #twentyfive.7, #gamudaland, and #internationalfoodfest2019 in your caption. Selected winners will walk away tokens of appreciation.

5. Sit back and relax with snacks as you watch popular blockbuster movies at the Moonlight Cinema

source: Gamuda Land

If you somehow missed out on two of the most hyped movies last year, now’s your chance to finally watch them! Or even if you’ve watched them already, they’re definitely worth a rewatch in a whole new setting. Catch ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ on Saturday and ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’ on Sunday!

6. Check out X-Kitement – a 3D kite flying festival that aims to educate the public on going green

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Last year, various students from the Faculty of Design and Architecture at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) took part in the X-Kitement Crafting Competition in which they created artwork as a medium to promote sustainability. The winning submissions will be on display in the form of an exhibition panel installation so come check out their creative conceptual boards and innovative 3D kite designs.

7. Take part in fun activities and workshops that’ll get you thinking about sustainability

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Recyclable Kite Making
Create fond memories for your little ones and let them unleash their creativity by building simple kites from recyclable materials like bamboo sticks, paper, food wrappers, and string.

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DIY Seed Bomb
Used by many regions to rejuvenate barren or abandoned land, this ever-ready ball is made from a combination of soil, seed, and compost. It’s easy to carry and deposit whenever necessary. Then all it needs is some rainfall, and these little guys will grow into seedlings. Make your own to have on hand.

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Story Telling
Listen as the story teller masterfully weaves tales with heart and passion. The amusing and interactive story telling session will spread awareness to create a more accountable society and effectively influence sustainable living.

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How To Vermi Compost
Composting is an important process in recycling leftover food waste and scraps into organic fertiliser for gardening purposes. Learn how to practice one of the many forms of composting, in which vermi-cacca is used as a catalyst in the breakdown process, and where the worm juice can be used instantly as fertiliser too.

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Earth Worm Maze and Giant Games
Both kids and adults will have a blast playing all kinds of fun, interactive games that’ll keep you occupied for hours.

If you’re wondering why there’s eco-friendly activities, it’s because Gamuda Land wants to promote green initiatives through hosting X-Kitement and a Brown Awareness campaign

This will be a collaboration between twentyfive.7 and Gamuda Parks.

X-Kitement is a 3D kite flying festival to educate the public on ecosystem management as one of the integral parts in Gamuda Parks Biodiversity Policy.

Inspired by green initiatives, the Brown Awareness campaign aims to highlight the importance of valuable natural resources in the surrounding environment. This includes improving awareness of composting and how it helps the environment.

source: Compost Cab

These programs will take the Quayside Fiesta series to the next level by providing various experiential eco-friendly activities for both parents and kids to learn about sustainability.

Through these initiatives, the youths of Malaysia are set on a meaningful path towards improving the environment and to have a life-long positive impact on the younger generation, their families, as well as the general public.

As always, the Quayside Fiesta is being hosted at twentyfive.7, an award-winning integrated township in Kota Kemuning

source: Gamuda Land

twentyfive.7, a 257-acre integrated township designed with a sustainable environment that balances community, recreational, and landscape together with an extensive selection of modern amenities, like the Quayside Mall, soon to be the largest lakefront mall in Kota Kemuning where you’ll find some of the most exciting retail and F&B outlets.

source: Gamuda Land

This upcoming Quayside Fiesta marks the opening of The, a placemaking initiative that’s set to be the heartbeat of twentyfive.7 where you and the community come together to enjoy and have fun.

Whether you want to indulge in delicious food, spend time with friends and family by playing fun sports and games, or watch first class performances, you can do it all here. Experience this unique recreation and lifestyle hub that’ll bring you and the community together.

source: Gamuda Land

Take this opportunity to check out Luxura, its designer villas are the latest innovative styled homes in twentyfive.7 that aims to enliven your lifestyle. As it is the last landed parcel in the township, each home comes with its own story, translated from its modern multi-façades and spacious interior arrangements to the integration of landscapes and recreation.

Don’t forget to lock your calendars down for 26 and 27 January 2019 to enjoy a fun-filled weekend at the Quayside Fiesta!

‘Like’ the Gamuda Land Facebook page or call 03 2727 7565 for more information.

Plus, discover the most beloved Ipoh Mali Street Fest by Gamuda Cove – also happening on 26 and 27 January 2019

source: Gamuda Land

Come experience how Gamuda Cove transforms Subang Jaya into the streets of Ipoh. Enjoy some of the most famous freshly delivered Ipoh food and delicacies within a colonial setting, settle alongside Ipoh’s famous murals and other exciting happenings, planned just for you this coming Chinese New Year!

Call 012 918 1288 for more information.

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