This Interactive Periodic Table Helps You in Everyday Life

The harsh reality of Malaysian education is that not everyone gets to learn the same things equally once we’re divided into different streams in upper secondary school. Good news for everyone (not just us unlucky folks who missed out on chemistry classes) is that a software engineer from Boeing, Keith Enevoldsen, has invented an Interactive Periodic Table of Elements that’s as basic as a standard periodic table, but with extra illustrations that show us how we come in contact with each element in our everyday lives. They may look a bit kiddy for us, but any form of knowledge is good and think about how it’ll come in handy for science teachers all over the world. You also don’t need to be a science geek to think that this is cool and incredibly useful.

The website version allows users to click into each element and get full information beyond the illustration. For example, Lithium is commonly found in batteries and is known to be the lightest metal. Beyond that is also an expansion that explains what Alkali Metals aren’t if you want to dig deeper into each element.

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