This guy took 3 years to walk from Estonia to Singapore… and he’s planning another 6!

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Wow! Even we got tired from reading the headline. Meigo Mark, 27 year-old man from Estonia, Europe started his journey of walking from his home country to Singapore in only 3 years.

In all seriousness, Mark started walking on 11 May 2014. Twenty-one countries and 17,810km later, he has finally reached Singapore on 6 Oct 2017. He also walked through Malaysia for around 2 months. Even crashed a Malay wedding in Terengganu.

With only €8 – roughly around RM40, he started his journey with a tent and a backpack. Some nights he would just camp around randomly, and some nights he would go on an App called Couchsurfing to find a couch to crash on.

Mark even went as far as sleeping at random places, like in India, he slept in the slums with road workers for three days. Since then, he sold his house in order to fund his way around the world.

To fill up more of his free time, he gives talks in schools and universities to serve as an inspiration to others to pursue their dreams.

Now in Singapore, Mark is currently on his 21st pair of shoes. On average, he walks 30km to 40km before resting around a day to two weeks. Of course if there is a need to cross oceans or water bodies, he relies on water transportation. For his walking, he tends to walk thru more serene village pathways instead of the hustling cities, to really soak in all the heritage he stumbles upon.

Mark is planning to take his time and continue his walk for another six years. He is not trying to break any record as he sees this as a personal mission with a great learning experience that he wants to complete. This journey of his was inspired by Canadian Jean Beliveau, a TED Talk speaker and author who spent 11 years walking around the world.

His next stop will be Indonesia, but for the mean time, he is relaxing in Singapore as he waits for his passport to be renewed. He only took three years to run out of passport pages. Goals!

To see his journey, check out his Youtube channel here. To support him financially, visit his Facebook page here.

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