This Feeling KL pres. Bez @ Havana

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When we heard that Bez was coming down, two questions came to mind. First, what was he going to do? Second, is he going to be trippin off his tits?

Turns out Bez was down to do what he was known for doing, that is to be hype man for the night. Brought here by This Feeling KL, he was the main act of their inaugural event although physically he did little more than shout into the mic at times and shake his body and a couple of DJ Ribut’s maracas. However, as people familiar with The Happy Mondays would’ve already known, Bez is no mere dancer or entertainer, he’s the spirit of the party.

You could practically feel the man’s vibes coming off the stage at Havana. Maybe the hot Malaysian weather got to him and the residues of an acid trip he had decades ago vaporised into the air and got us off. But we’re going to stick with the spirit bit to explain why we had a great time.

Bez brought his posse along with him, including his girlfriend/bandmate singer Monica Ward who gave us some sporadic sultry vocals. Bez and Monica got down to business and pumped up the crowd mostly during Common People’s set before TAG took over the decks.

All in all, it wasn’t the massive party you’d have expected but the modest turnout made the event more personal. And to answer the second question posed earlier here, well, you had to be there to find out.

This Feeling pres. Bez went down at Havana on 30 January 2010. Checkout pics of the 24 hour party people at our gallery. Look for This Feeling KL on Facebook for updates.