This Eco-Friendly BYOB is Helping to Save Both the Environment and Your Wallet

Priding themselves as a social enterprise out to create a difference, this BYOB (which stands for ‘bring your own bottle’) in Damansara Kim is making household chores cheaper and kinder to the environment. Offering eco-friendly detergent for sale, all you have to do is bring your used plastic bottles to refill with any cleaning solution of your choice, and pay only for what you need minus the packaging.

Photo by J. Soon

It’s not just plastic bottles that do harm by filling up our landfills; the kind of detergent we use can also have a make-or-break effect on our ecosystem. With this in mind, all BYOB products have been formulated without SLS (a nasty irritant present in many cleaning solutions) and parabens. They’re also fully biodegradable, which means that in the long run, they’ll be much kinder to Mother Nature than your regular store-bought detergent.

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The next time your plastic bottle runs empty, do your part for Planet Earth and save it for your trip down to BYOB. Check out more details on their Facebook page here.

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