This 82-Year-Old Granny is One Badass DJ

Sumiko Iwamuro has been making gyoza (dumplings) at her Chinese restaurant for the past six decades, a common sight in Tokyo where the ageing population has a significant representation (those 65 and above made up 26.6% of the population in 2015).

Not-so-common is the fact that Sumiko is also a kickass DJ by night. She got into spinning records in her 70s after curating music for her son’s birthday party (awww… what an awesome mom!) and spent a year learning how to work the decks at a DJ school. Now she’s tearing up the clubs of Japan under the moniker DJ Sumirock, with her blend of techno-based dance music that combines French Chanson, jazz, and classical.

Even in her golden years, Sumiko hopes to be able to penetrate the New York club scene soon. “When I spin the tables, I just want to match the beat, choose the right music,” she said calmly. “But the best thing is for my audience to enjoy themselves.”

Checkout the profile videos on her below:

It’s not how old you are but what you do with your time that matters. Just look at what happened to Ah Boy here.