This 8-bit Beyoncé Game is Exactly What the Beyhive Needs

This game is Joe LaquinteJustin AuLine Johnsen, and Colby Spear‘s gift to those of us who felt the sharp pain when Beyoncé didn’t win as many awards as she should have during the Grammy’s – it’s called Lemonade Rage and it’s all we need in this life of sin.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 12.19.17 PM

The objective is simple; smash as many inanimate objects in Beyoncè’s path to collect enough points in order to make a full jug of lemonade. Although you will have to avoid knocking into pedestrians, stepping on random piece of turds that are laid out on the street or else Beyoncé becomes sour and you will lose the game.

It’s currently free to be played on any device that has an internet browser — we hope it stays that way because it’s a great distraction from having to do work. We’re kidding, we’re totally working.

Go forth and slay here