Things We Like: A List Of Our Addictions (Part 3)

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Everyone has those things that really light their fire. We’ve been listing ours all week and we’ve got the final cut of our favourite things.  Read below as we let you in on the final 10 of our current 30 obsessions, because sharing is caring…

21. Dubstep – Big, thick bass turns us on.

22. Ableton – Another wicked alternative of music producing, and we have our very own Ableton-certified Mile High Sounds boys to teach us!

23. Festivals – Sun, booze, good music, meeting people. What else do you want?

24. Bombshell Salon – Hairstylist Ming understands what we need. Hair that doesn’t suck.

25. Action City store – Besides carrying some of the dopest Bearbrick, they have some of the coolest toys in town in all shapes and sizes. Their mission is to rediscover the joy of play. We’re never too old for toys.

26. Graffiti – You think it’s easy to spray paint words and look awesome?

27. Street style blogs – Great outlet to be inspired fashion-wise, and it makes us feel so much closer to a regular person.

28. Flea markets – Dig into some of the rare pieces and as they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

29. Wikipedia – The mother of all info centres. And we heart WikiLeaks too. Leave Julian Assange alone!

30. Sundays – It’s the only day we do mostly nothing after a mad Saturday night party and a day before dreaded Monday. If we produced that famous song by The Cure, it would’ve ended differently.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our favourite things. Leave your comments and things you love below!

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