Things We Like: A List of Our Addictions Part 2

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When the dog bites, the 1st instinctual thing to do would usually be to run to your parents/significant other/therapist/facebook to seek comfort and update your status. But sometimes, that’s not enough. That’s why everyone needs to list our their favourite things once in awhile to assure them that there’s more good in this world than bad. So here’s part 2 of the things we adore…

11. Satire – It’s the new irony.

12. Benefit Eye Bright Pencil – We’ve been using this thing forever. It doesn’t melt off your face and looks like eye shadow without putting eye shadow on. It also makes you look less hung over.

13. South Park – The greatest show ever.

14. Music from Australia – those island folk don’t seem to have a care in the world and it reflects in their fun-loving music. Also, it’s strange how such a small (in population) country produces so many good acts.

15. Slutwave – Madonna pre-dated it. Britney Spears started it. And now, Miley Cyrus is sending grown men to jail. Eff chillwave! From Ke$ha to things exploding from Katy Perry’s chest, slutwave is in. Ride it, people.

16. Nudity – The body is a beautiful piece of art…right?

17. Sunnies – They protect us from the glaring sun and we look good in ’em. A standard feature for any raver, rocker, indie filmmaker or all-round cool person.

18. Sona One – He sh!ts beats like mad and he’s one of our hopes for a better hip hop scene in Malaysia. Expected to be to 2011 what Mizz Nina was to 2010… All eyes are on him.

19. Recycling – Within our hard and cool exterior, we have a soft spot for the environment and strongly believe recycling is a major way of saving the earth. What? Do your bit, b!tch!

20. UniFi – The master of all internet service providers. You can finally watch YouTube immediately!

Where’s 1 through 10? Right here! More to come in part 3 because we really love a lot!